Hey All -
I'm moving my posts over to now - it's a little easier and it'll hopefully be a springboard for my own site. Maybe.
So visit that page and check things out from time to time.
But don't worry - I'll still check LJ to see what you're all doing.

Love you all,

Web stuff

Plans are in the making for, as well as an interesting piece of Web art. More information as events warrant.


My housemate got into graduate school! He got into his top choice school and is getting a full ride plus an assistantship and $18,000 to go there, which is awesome! Go EW!

I, on the other hand, have found a beautiful waste of time called The Game Neverending! ( I cannot play it at home, thankfully. But it is fun and interesting. The website does its best not to tell you too much about the game - which is good. But here is what it is:

GNE is a "massively multiplayer" online game done in Flash. There seems to be no object other than to keep the game going. GNE provides a world space (rather whimsical, actually) that you can navigate in a character you create (Name and Description only). You can explore the world (via hubs, which are kind of like neighborhoods), visit shops and apartments, find nifty things, meet people (real and not) & make friends, make bizarre things, buy real estate, start social movements, become mayor, etc. Strange, but fun. Rubbing things like golden tapestries increase your mood, nebulating space robots transforms them into unusual things (like dancing Janet Reno dolls and saxamaphones). Etc. Oh, and it's designed so that players can innovate and expand the play area.

Bad news is that this second throwaway prototype round will end on the 31st of January. Good news is that The Big Game will be out sometime this year. It will cost money, but apparently not much.

So if you want a time waster that is entertaining and actually doesn't seem to have an object like killing a big baddy or gaining power or wiping the floor with your enemies' blood and guts, but rather is creative and mysterious and always changing, well, try it.


Bret has already seen this, too.

I'm also having a "Longest Name Contest" with myself. Some of the work I'm doing right now involves cataloguing Roman coins, which, of course, feature the busts of emperors (average 34C) as well as some symbolic figure. Names of these rulers range from the unfortunate but brief "Postumus" to the latest and so far longest "Marcus Aurelius Probus Pius Felix Invictus Augustus." Incidentally, he was a 46DD.


I've been learning new words. Today I discovered an adjective I didn't know. The word is "cuirassed," and as I told MBH, I think it refers to the hindquarters of rather homely (or game) people. I'm not sure, though. By the way, holidays were great! But if you want to know more, you'll have to call me. Or at least email. In the meantime, though, go to your local artsy theater and find out when Pedro Almodóvar's latest film, Talk To Her. When it is playing, make sure you go see it, but don't bring kids - they might not understand it and they'll probably be bored. It's a pretty adult film. But it's neither violent nor pornographic, nor even really erotic. So go see it, as soon as you can. Take a date, too, but maybe not a first date.

Drat and damn!

Looks like the rat bastard is still in power. Doesn't seem like I changed much after all. Maybe you just can't change the past. Hmm...

I'm Back!

Must be a slight degree of error on the yankback mechanism. Looks like I've been pulled back into a time a few minutes later than when I left. I'll have to recalibrate. But first, to see what havoc I've wrought! Newspaper, newspaper...

The WWBM Returns

Well, it looks like my Way Way Back Machine doesn't have as great a range as I first thought. I can't even reach the first half of the 20th century! Looks like I won't be able to alter the present reality that much after all. Unless...

(does some calculations, a thought experiment or two)

...Aha! Yes, this'll work wonderfully! I'll just set the coordinates...hmm...I shouldn't need more than 24 hours on the timer...there we go. And I'm off! I'll see you in a few!


Well, a little late, but still here.

A couple of days ago, K slept over. It was the first time in a little while, both of us were a little stressed and very tired, it was late. I went to bed (1ish, which didn't make me happy) and she stayed up to work. After awhile she joined me in bed. I usually don't remember this, but because I was especially tired and somewhat stressed out and not as accustomed to having her in the bed, I was woken slightly by it. We tossed a lot and neither of us slept well (especially not her, because I woke her up to take her home when I went to work), and I dreamt weird dreams. Throughout the night, especially when I rolled over to cuddle with her, I dreamt that she was an image file, specifically a scanned map of Formosa (Taiwan) done in the 19th century by a guy named Imbault-Huart (this is one of many similar files I've been working with lately). Moreover, she was four different magnifications of this map: thumbnail, 384x256, 768x512, and 1536x1024, and I kept thinking it a little odd that she was a map. I do believe I've been working too much.